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Recommended Reading

An Eclectic Selection of Books

These are books that I've read and/or used and found useful or interesting. Some of them I've read (and reread) cover to cover, others I use as references when I need to learn something new or refresh my memory. If you want to order a copy of one of them just clip its link and you'll be transfered to amazon.com. You pay amazon.com's regular low price when ordering from here and help support the free stuff offered at LaBrocca.com: HTMLementary, LaEdit, ColorCalc, PeekDBF and the other odds and end.


HTML The Complete Reference
Thomas Powell

Just about everything you need to know about HTML. After you finish HTMLementary use this!


Programming Visual C++
David J. Kruglinski, Scot Wingo, George Shepherd


Programming Perl (2nd Edition)
Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen, Randal L. Schwartz, Stephen Potter

I read the first edition pretty much cover to cover, and refer back to it all the time. This may not be the book to start with, though. If you have some programming background drive right in.


Linux Application Development
Micheal K. Johnson, Erik W. Troan

I'm reading this one now. Since I just released a Linux version of PeekDBF, I thought it might be a good idea to learn something about developing applications under Linux.


Cold Mountain
Charles Frazier

A Suitable Boy: A Novel
by Vikram Seth

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