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Download ColorCalc

Use the WWWeb Color Calculator to select background and foreground colors that are easy to read and go well together. Click the radio buttons to switch between background and foreground (letter) colors. Adjust the colors using the sliders. Clicking on the left or right triangles subtracts or adds one. Clicking in the area to the right or left of the thumb slide subtracts or adds ten. You can also change the color by dragging the slide to a new position.

New in Version 1.1

Use the six-digit hex numbers from the bottom of the calculator or the three decimal numbers adjacent to the sliders in your HTML, Java or JavaScript files to specify colors. Bear in mind that which ever colors you pick, the colors seen by your readers are limited by their hardware and/or settings. See Using Color in Web Pages for more information.

Would you like a copy of ColorCalc to use offline? Fill in the registration form and download it. ColorCalc is free for private, at home use.

The WWWeb Color Calculator was inspired by a sample Java program from the book Core Java by Gary Cornell and Cay Horstmann (Prentice Hall).



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