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Custom Versions

The content of databases is never simple. PeekDBF makes it easy to use the information stored in your DBFs. To make your job even easier, we can create a custom version of PeekDBF tailored exactly to your needs.

We recently customized PeekDBF so that the output from peekdbf -c includes the content of memo fields. In the process we discovered that the memo fields contained commas, so we changed the field separator to ||.

Areas of Customization

Web Page Development and/or Maintenance

We can also produce Web pages (or whole Web sites) based on your DBFs for you on a regular basis. We will take your DBFs and graphics and put them together in functional, interactive Web pages. This is a great service for producing online inventories, catalogs, price lists, schedules and other documents for the Internet or your private intranet.

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Copyright © 1994 - 1999 by P.J. LaBrocca. All rights reserved.
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