PeekDBF Version History

I wrote the original version of PeekDBF because I got tired of maintaining text-based databases to use with Awk programs. I wanted the convenience of using database management software. With PeekDBF I could use lines like this

	peekdbf -c peter.dbf
		| sort -dbf -t, -k 4,4 -k 1,1 -k 2,2 
		| awk -f rating.awk >

to extract a comma-delimited text file that could be piped through sort and an Awk program. (The Awk program produced a PostScript page description file.)

Of course, as soon as I got PeekDBF working, I no longer needed it.

Version 1.2 Linux (September 1999)
A Linux version compiled on RedHat Linux 6.0. This is compiled from the same source code as the Windows version, except for the removal of one compiler specific function, getch(). If you download and use the Linux version, please send me some feedback.
Added the PeekDBF User's Manual
Version 1.2 (May 1999)
(I don't know what happened to 1.1.)
Version 1.0
Added -h option to convert a dbf to an HTML table. Memo fields were still not handled correctly.
First Version
Memo fields were not handled correctly.

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