PeekDBF 1.2
P.J. LaBrocca

PeekDBF is a Windows 95/98/NT and Linux (Intel) application 
for viewing and converting
DBF files. These include files produced by
dBase, Clipper, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, Visual dBase and
others claiming dBase/xBase compatibility.

I have tested PeekDBF with DBFs from

  dBase III/Plus
  FoxPro 2.x
  Visual FoxPro 6.x

and DBFs created from a C program using the CodeBase
library of xBase functions.

If you find what you think is a DBF file that PeekDBF handles
incorrectly please let me know. If possible, send me a
sample containing five records. If that is not possible,
send me the name of the application that produced the

I am interested in hearing about how you use PeekDBF.
Please don't hesitate to send suggestions, comments,
requests for new features, etc.

Custom Compilations of PeekDBF

Do you need a customized copy of PeekDBF? We can tailor
a copy of PeekDBF to your exact needs:

  extract specific fields only
  rearrange fields
  add information
  process fields (calculations, formatting, etc.)
  include support for CGI

For a quote email

Read the PeekDBF User's Manual
for instructions for installing and
using PeekDBf.

PeekDBF(tm) Copyright 1994-1999 by P.J. LaBrocca. All rights reserved.
PeekDBF is a trademark of P.J. LaBrocca.
(Other trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned are acknowledged.)

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