Pasquale's Pre-Penciled Sudoku Grid

PasqualesPre-PenciledSudokuGrid.pdf (See a reduced sample below.)

Some Ready-to-Go Sudokus (Download, print, start solving.)

25 Pre-Penciled Sudokus with solutions:

Nº 1 pppBk_01-01-24.pdf
Nº 2 pppBk_02-01-24.pdf
Nº 3 pppBk_03-19-24.pdf
Nº 4 pppBk_04-05-24.pdf
Nº 5 pppBk_05-16-24.pdf

Some technical background (If you're interested.)

Quick start

The PDF has two copies of the grid so you can print both sides of the paper if you want. Fill in the given numbers of the puzzle you want to work on. (I like to use a marker or a different color so I know what I started with.) Instead of writing in potential candidates, you cross off impossible candidates.



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