Add accents & special characters to your text with a single click.
The easiest way to type accented characters, special punctuation and special symbols.

Foreign Language Software for Windows XP/2000

Axcèntz! floats above your application ready for action. When you need a special character just point and click. Then resume typing right where you left off.

Axcèntz! allows you to easily enter:

Screen Shots of Axcèntz!

All of the special characters available in Axcèntz!

The Italian layout.

The Spanish layout.

The French layout.

The German layout.

The Editing, currency and other layout.

The Math, science layout.

Download Axcèntz! - Free!

You can download and use Axcèntz! for free for non-commercial use.



Save the download in any folder. Unzip it if you downloaded the Zip file. To run Axcèntz! double click it. To create a desktop icon right drap the file name to the desktop and pick Create shortcuts here. The Axcèntz! application is completely self-contained and makes absolutely no changes to your computer.

To Uninstall

To uninstall Axcèntz! simply delete the files.

System Requirements


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