How to Use MixCalc

Use MixCalc for arithmetic with whole numbers, fractions and mixed numbers. You cannot use decimal numbers!

Here are some examples:

5 + 6
12 - 36
5 * 6
Multiplication. Use the star, *, for multiplication
5 / 2
Division. Use the slash, /, for division.
5 ^ 2
Powers (Exponents). This is five to the second power, or five squared.
Use the vertical line for the fraction bar. It is usually near the Enter key. Here are some fractions and mixed numbers:
One half.
Twelve seventeenths.
1 2|3
One and two-thirds.
10 7|11
Ten and seven-elevenths.

Examples in MixCalc follow the usual rules for arithmetic. Use parentheses to group parts of examples.

The complete user manual and reference will be available soon.

October 12, 1997 (First Draft)
MixCalc™ Copyright © 1997 LaBrocca. All rights reserved.