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PeekDBF | HTMLementary | ColorCalc |

Add accented and special characters to your documents with a single click.

Free Calorie Counter Software
Look up and calculate how many calories are in the foods you eat.

an HTML editor to go along with HTMLementary.
New Version - 1.05 (9/4/00)
Full HTML 4 Compliance
List Maker and Table Maker
Automatic Image tags
Quick Pick Lists
for tags, attributes, values, entities, colors and fonts

ReCalc 1.0
Fraction and Mixed Number Calculator

Help Yourself ...


PeekDBFTM version 1.2 allows you to peek into industry standard DBF files to view and convert their contents. You can convert DBF files directly into HTML tables. The new version supports binary fields (like Memo, Currency and DateTime) and Visual FoxPro tables. Now there is a Linux version. Read about the extra features in PeekDBF Professional 2.0.


Learn to write your own Web pages with our online HTML guide, HTMLementaryTM. Samples that you can copy and paste into your own pages appear side-by-side with your browser's output, so you can see exactly how it works. All the tags are linked to descriptions.

  ColorCalc™ Version 1.1

Use ColorCalcTM, the WWWeb Color Calculator to interactively choose colors for your HTML, JavaScript and Java. You adjust the colors by clicking. When you are happy with your combination of foreground and background colors all you have to do is read the numbers off in hex and decimal. All the figuring is done for you automatically.


Having trouble with your kid's fractions homework? Try MixCalcTM. MixCalc does calculations with whole numbers, fractions and mixed-numbers. You can add, subtract, multiply, divide and raise to integer powers. Enter examples the usual way. You can even use parentheses to group.

  Slide Puzzles

Have some time to kill? Remember those puzzles where you had to slide around the numbers to get them in order? Now you click them.

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